Monday, December 19, 2011

Featured Artist Holly Wilson

Joint compound and acrylic on wood by Holly Wilson

Local North Wales artist, Holly Wilson, was an art major in high school and attended MCCC for 1 semester. Most of her art education has been from artists she has encountered over the years and recently from research on the Internet. She is a multi medium artist using recycled materials for her paintings and projects.

Acrylic painting by Holly Wilson

 Growing up, Holly would draw and color all the time. In elementary school, she became hooked on abstract painting and sculpture. She was lucky to have a grandfather who would bring home the reject paper from the New Hope Paper mill, in which he worked. She was never without  paper!  If only he had worked at the Kodak factory and could have brought home film, she would have pursued her interest in photography. Now that we are digital Holly is set, she tries to have her  camera with her all the time. Art and photography are her passion!

The Bubble 
photography by Holly Wilson 

Holly has 3 grown children and 11 grandchildren. While raising her children she has shared time with them making art. Now she is spending time with her grandchildren.

Mixed Medium on paper by Holly Wilson

Look for Holly and her artwork at Lansdale's Fun A Day group show, Friday February 3rd at Lansdale's 3rd and Walnut Bar.

 photography by Holly Wilson

Friday, December 9, 2011

Featured Artist Anthony Thartis Forbes

Anthony Thartis Forbes, 24 of Norristown Pa is a freelance fine artist specializing in paintings, photography, wood work, and digital illustrations. 

Anthony attended Montco and Uarts for art history and Illustration for two years in 2005. For 7 years He has pursued art heavily, hosting art shows for local artists and himself with musical acts serenading the crowd and live artists putting on a masterpiece of collaborations. 

First starting with creating artwork and selling to friends, on social sites , working at amusement parks drawing portraits, doing wall murals in homes and graffiti on streets, art has now become a 'second full time job' but art is freedom and to Anthony -art could never be a "job" but a full-time blessing.

Many people own his paintings and other art pieces currently, while some art is in galleries, and designs are being used for websites around eastern Pa. These days Anthony can be found in Collegeville, Pa, still strongly creating; making and selling his own works on popular social websites as well as his website, putting on art/music shows all in cities near the Philadelphia area.

Also now doing Photography at amateur level; his craft in art is constantly expanding to new mediums. Anthony greatly supports local artists and their journey and hopes more kids and adults can learn to practice art regularly. "simply put, its never simply put"
Come see what Anthony T Forbes creates for his month long Fun A Day project at the 3rd and Walnut in Lansdale on Friday February 3rd. To see more of his artwork, click on any of the images above or visit and LIKE his Burning Owl Illustrations page.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Featured Artist Ben Robinson

 Ben Robinson studied Fine arts at Montgomery County Community College, and is currently pursuing his BFA at UARTS while residing in Philadelphia.

He is heavily influenced by graffiti, surrealism and skateboarding. The three have molded the way he views life and creates art. Ben likes to work with a lot of color and detail in his artwork to create a fun bizarre image for the viewer. It is his intent through making art, to keep art fun and create things that have something new for the viewer each time they come back to a piece.

Ben has always liked getting completely lost and sucked into artwork, so he tries to carry that idea into his own artwork.

  He likes to work with oils and ink in his pieces but he makes sure not to limit himself to the two. It is Ben's belief that, art's all about expanding and growing so being open to outside influences is very important to him. When he's not painting or drawing he enjoys  skateboarding in and outside of the city and hanging out with good friends and strangers.

Look for him at Lansdale's Fun A Day Show, Friday February 3rd at Lansdale's 3rd and Walnut Bar. Click on any of the images above to see more of Ben's artwork or to his purchase artwork. Please take the time to like his Facebook page.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Show planning

Fun A Day is an event in which Artists will create something everyday in the month of January. Then display all their hard work in a super-fun group show along with live music from Brian Medlin as well as other performers TBA
If you are an artist and would like to participate, just let me know. I'll do a feature on you in this blog. We will begin to hang and set up the artwork  at Lansdale's 3rd and Walnut Wednesday February 1st for the show on Friday February 3rd.  Since this show is above a bar, participants and visitors will have to be 21+ There are tables available at the venue and I will be renting racks from the North Penn Arts Alliance (if anyone wants to pitch in some money that would be cool too). If you would like to help with set up, please let me know, I'm sure I'll be needing some help.  I've been working on some carnival like things to make the show fun. I'm thinking carnival games may help sell some artwork.