Saturday, January 4, 2014

ATF Anthony Thartis Forbes 2014

ATF|AnthonyThartisForbes , 26 of Philadelphia,  Pa is a Self-Taught Urban Contemporary Style, 

Fine Artist and Illustrator.  His works are on various surfaces , produced incorporating a home-made India Ink composed of Carbon Soot, Shellack Med. , Filtered Water and Leveling Aids. This 

Material gives each piece a dark fine detailing and with vibrant pigmented colours' , attract warm senses visually of dramatic idiosyncratisity. Much can be learned from him being this  unique 

presenter having a highly passionate belief in artistic lifestyle-culturally studied . Follow New and Relative art media of ATF  on and

Thursday, January 2, 2014

John Di Giovanni 2014

John DiGiovanni is a self taught  sign painter and pinstriper influenced by early pinstripers like Von Dutch and Tommy the Greek. 

He also does commercial sign work and truck lettering.

 John likes to make signs the traditional way with a brush and paint.

 He likes to make vintage looking signs that look like they been out in the weather for years.

 He has been sign painting for about 20years.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ben Robinson 2014

Ben Robinson a short order cook by day at Say Cheese Philly and a freelance artist by night. He received his AFA from Montgomery County Community College, and just recently (May, 2013) a 

BFA from UARTS. He produces a broad range of artwork ranging from doodle inspired ink drawings to psychological paintings that are heavily influenced by surrealism and abstraction. A common theme in Ben's work tends to deal with the relationship between contradictions and how they 

simultaneously affect and defect scenarios. He executes this idea through contrasting colors, shapes, composition, objects, etc.. Ben started out his painting career doing more rendered paintings and 

character driven compositions with a surreal edge to them. Recently, he's loosened up his painting technique and have been experimenting with abstraction ever since. Ben Robinson is influenced by 

skateboarding, music and graffiti mostly but he's been discovering new influences in things like architecture, social issues, and people in general. Ben says"There's always new influences to be 

discovered so I try to remain open and be aware of my surroundings while painting and in every day life".