Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Featured Artist Kim Saddel

 Kimberly Saddel was born into the world of art. She feels she was made to live and breathe the beauty of this earth and to show life throughout her work. Kim started off as a painter once she could pick up a crayon and progressed into loving colors and began to compose some wonderful pieces in elementary school. Her  parents kept her encouraged and inspired her to keep going with her talent all throughout her school career at Methacton High School and Montgomery CC. 

Dali influenced Kim's paintings and fostered her weird obsession with clocks and numbers, once her eyes caught sight of Dali’s paintings she was more inspired to keep up and improve her paintings and strengthen her mind with more knowledge of art, perspective, and color . 

After high school, Kim became interested in spreading her talents to other medium than just oils and acrylics so she took on the challenge of photography. She previously failed a photo class in high school, because she  despised it but since then decided to take on the challenge once more and fell in love with black and white photography at Montco.   She proceeded to take one class and integrated this medium into her career. 

Since then, she has excelled immensely in this medium utilizing her talents doing weddings, modeling, family portraits , and live bands. Kim has been published in Vogue magazine and a few books and has received  a few awards which has increased her self confidence.

Kim doesn't  believe you need to be taught how to take a photo or how to paint an object onto canvas. You either have the eye or you don't. Learning perspective , composition and working with colors are the basics but everything else comes naturally.  She has been a painter her whole life and a photographer for over 10 years now. She likes to portray emotion, a persons soul or a sense of wonder through her photography. It is her goal to spread her photos into the world so people can view her vision of life .Kim's favorite quote is “Creation which cannot express itself becomes maddness”(-Anais Nin-).

Over the past 2 years, Kim has integrated her talent into jewelry. She may be crazy obsessed with clocks but its pretty much her trade mark now.  Kim would like to welcome you to her wonderland of art and hopes you enjoy the visual ride into her perception of life. To better experience this wonderland click on any of the photos above to visit her websites and check her out on Facebook. It will be interesting to see what she bring to the Fun A Day celebration Friday February 3rd at Lansdale's 3rd and Walnut.