Monday, August 22, 2011

Artist Amy Rims

 Amy Rims is a local Lansdale artist. She paints people and places, working from life rather than photograph. She often paints en plein air out on the streets of Lansdale. You may recognize this building as St John's on Main Street in Lansdale.
 Amy loves to work from models in her home studio, using a variety of mediums such as gouache
and oil painted canvas collage on oil painted stretched canvas.
 She also enjoys painting in watercolor from nature, you can see all of these Mauch Chunk Lake paintings on display at North Penn Community Acupuncture across from the Lansdale Train Station.
Amy hosts a weekly painting/drawing/arts group in her Lansdale home. If you would like to join her, feel free to leave a message here and she will contact you. To see more artwork done by Amy, please visit her artblog.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Artist Bobbi Shaw

 Bobbi Shaw is an independent artist.  She works with the mediums: oil, acrylic and watercolor and paints on all different kinds of canvases and surfaces. Her unique speciality is her leaf paintings, in where she actually paint real leaves with acrylic. Bobbi really has fun with her art and enjoys learning and exploring new opportunities. Most of her painting have come from pictures that I have taken her self but she does paint from models and live once a week with fellow artist, Amy Rims. Bobbi also does commissions.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some Ideas for Fun A Day Projects

I'm home sick with lots of time to think so I got to thinking about different Fun A Day Projects
  • portrait a day
  • self portrait a day
  • cloud study a day
  • moon study a day
  • paper doll a day
  • painted coffee cup a day
  • granny square a day
  • 1 minute video entry a day
  • poem a day
  • illustrated poem a day
  • record one line of a story a day
  • found object a day 
Those are just a few ideas, I know I have months to go but it's fun to be excited about stuff. Hopefully I can get other artists excited about this as well.