Friday, July 15, 2011

Let's bring Fun A Day to Lansdale

Last year I participated in Philadelphia's Fun A Day collaboration at Studio 34 on Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia. It was great fun and a great challenge that has kept me motivated all through out this year to keep on creating. I've been very involved with the art happenings in Lansdale which so far this year has been limited to the First Fridays, the International Spring Festival and various art shows hosted through the North Penn Arts Alliance. The Arts Festival is coming up at the end of the summer which is another exciting arts event for the community. I know there are a good number of artists in this area and I feel we should host our very own Fun A Day collaboration. It's July now, so there are a few months to go before January gets here and it's time to work on our Fun A Day projects, but I wanted to get some interest and momentum since this is a new project.